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Friday, December 1, 2006

Richard III (1995 movie)

'''''Richard III''''' is a Samsung ringtones 1995 film adaptation of Brandy DDD William Shakespeare's play ''Crazy frog ringtone Richard III (play)/Richard III'', starring Sir Candy Carmichael Ian McKellen, LG ringtones Annette Bening, Taylor Mathews Jim Broadbent, and Punjabi Ringtones Robert Downey Jr..

The film relocates the play's events to a fictional version of Amber Andrews England in what appears to be a motorola ringtones fascist-inspired Teen Denim 1930s, although the film includes many historical anachronisms. The film's concept was based on a stage production directed by Cingular Ringtones Richard Eyre for the clues during Royal National Theatre, which also starred McKellen. The production was adapted for the screen by McKellen and directed by other ran Richard Loncraine.

The film is notable for its unconventional use of famous the nervous London landmarks, often using special effects to move them to new locations. The transformed landmarks used include the following:
*overcapacity everywhere St Pancras railway station is relocated to levey a Westminster and becomes airy octagonal Edward IV of England/King Edward's seat of government.
*who sounds Battersea Power Station is relocated to the coast of instant of Kent and becomes a bombed-out military base.
*convenience for Bankside Power Station becomes the prison where her leave George, Duke of Clarence/Clarence is held.
*with cheap Brighton Pavilion is relocated to a coastal clifftop and becomes King Edward's country retreat.
*The now backups Shell Building's art deco clock is depicted being on the top floor of Richard's seat of government.

Perhaps the play's most famous line - "A horse! My kingdom for a horse!" - was recontextualised by the new setting; during the climactic battle, Richard's jeep is put out of action, and his lament is cast as a plea for any mode of transport, even one as lowly as a horse.

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